Can we use different Sequences for different Invoice subtypes?

Hi all,

Can we use different Sequences for different customer Invoice subtypes? e.g.
(1) BAL00001 for Balance invoices,
(2) ADV00001 for Advance payment invoices,

If yes, how can we set this up?

If you check the sequences you will see different numbering for different type of invoices.

So what you ask is already implemented


Probably you have to understand how it actually work and how extends it, if your requirements
is not completely fulfil.

Davide, you did not read my question, mate. I did not ask about different Invoice types. For sure, it is very clear. My question was about Invoice subtypes « balance » and « advance payment » and how to assign different sequences to those two subtypes. Thank you for your time.

As i said you have to understand how different type works, and then extend the solution by a customization.

To Davide: this is hardly a useful answer. What is the point of the advise to customize, how does this help me?
To Axelor: it is a deficiency of the project, that advance payment invoices cannot use a different sequence than the balance invoice. It would be nice to the users if you fixed that. Thank you!