Can't create a Supplier invoice (control invoice)

Hello everyone
How can I generate control invoice from the Purchase order?
When I try, I see this message:
I guess that I need to set up the purchase account:

But I can’t because there is an empty field (drop-down list is empty).
How can I do it?


seems to work for you with the Sale account.
Compare the new account for purchase with the sale one.

I still have the old interface, I don’t see where you are with the screenshot. Product configuration ? or the purchase ?

This is accounting tab in the Product card.
Yes, the sales account is working, I’ve tried to compare and enable/disable all the radiobuttons, but the result is the same - Axelor doesn’t see any purchase account

I just did it once, for my company, so this is what I will try to do.
I’m not an expert. If you don’t want my help, say it.

For start, be sure about an account type. like this :

Then set a account

It helped me to add the Purchase account, thx
I’ve added it to my product, but I still can’t generate an Invoice, the same error:

the same invoice ? sometimes I have to create a new one from scratch, the invoice is not base on the new configuration

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Yes, you are right! With another one invoice it works! Thx for help

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