Can't figure out the registration code in customer form

I can’t figure out the registration code of customers. I’ve tried multiple entries but it’s giving the same error. Your input would be appreciated.


Hi , on the demo data , it s like that : 174 135 913 07109

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Registration code is basically number assigned by INSEE when creating a company (or when declaring the existence of independent workers, artist authors).
This code is national, invariable and lasts for the life of the company.

Validity of a number

It is made up of 14 digits
The control key used to verify the accuracy of an identifier is a “1-2” key, following the Luhn algorithm.
The principle is as follows:
we multiply the digits of odd rank from the right by 1, those of even rank by 2. The sum of the digits obtained must be congruent to zero modulo 10 , that is to say that it must be a multiple of 10.

For example number is : 732 829 320 00074

The sum of the following digits: 1+4+3+4+8+4+9+6+2+0+0+0+0+1+4+4 is 50, which is a multiple of 10. So number is so correct.

Hope this will help.

Feel free to contact if anything

Thank you

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Thanks a lot, and for the other country ?

Thanks Alot for the answer

Hi everyone,
FYI, this RN check can be disabled from « Base » settings.

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