Cant retrieved documents after upgrading to 5.1.3

console log:
« 2019-02-26 07:16:18.728 ERROR 5161 — [io-8443-exec-20] org.jboss.resteasy.resteasy_jaxrs.i18n : RESTEASY002025: Unknown exception while executing GET /dms/download/be88e6dd-4ecd-473d-bf61-c6832b3c02cc /opt/tomcat/temp/axelor/Nursys-QuickConfirm-License-Verification-Report_2019_01_18 (1).pdf (No such file or directory) »

I cant retrieved the files/docs after upgrading to 5.1.3, pls help.



Can you confirm that the file /opt/tomcat/temp/axelor/Nursys-QuickConfirm-License-Verification-Report_2019_01_18 (1).pdf exists ?

Each file (picture in Partner, DMS, etc…) are upload inside the folder defined in the using the property file.upload.dir. In your case it seems to be {}/axelor (the default value). As its name, this is a temporary folder which is not the best choice to store non volative data.

Check if your folder /opt/tomcat/temp/axelor still exists and that it contains your documents.

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