Change all panel sidebar position

Hi !

I would like that in my form view the <panel sidebar="true"></panel> who were on the right move to the left.

I think it’s somewhere in view.form.js but i’m not sur where

I already tried with css without succes…

you making new screen or in existing one ?

I’m on a new screen but i think we can do it on all views

asked so if you trying on existing screen, let me know i will see it too and let you know if i could get it done or not

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I tried with the mozilla “inspector” tool and a solution were to set on view.form.panel.css

.bar-container {
    display: flex;
    flex-direction: row-reverse;

But if i do that the css sheet is not taken into account

EDIT : it’s the solution

you need to update in platform css file

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In the axelor-web-5.X.X.jar ? that’s what i’ve done

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pressed CTRL + F5, or if you behind cloudflare you have to flush the cache

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Already done too, whitout any changes

are you able to see the changes in file if you open directly in browser ?

No the file don’t change when i load Axelor but he is changed in Eclipse, it’s like if an other file take the place

it needs to be update after you deploy war

Yes but there is this message “style sheet could not be loaded” and i don’t know where it find the old style sheet, I think i’ve gonna give up and will make custom view

Ok really strange :rofl: :

My jar file has the modify date of today because i modifie him today → seems legit

The folder who contain the jar file is at an anterior date → ??

After updating this date the execution seems to take all changes in consideration

So the solution of changing CSS works, thanks @siddique

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