Change mode "dev" - "prod"?

Hello dear friends, see: What is the difference at the level of application, functionality, adaptability or other change between the mode “dev” and “prod” in file: “” ? because when modified to “prod” I noticed some changes in recognition of SSL certificate deployment login page, but which again “dev” is displayed correctly,

From already very grateful for your support and management


In production mode, it disable error stack trace for end-users.
Moreover it also try to use minified and gzipped web resources. Application need to run npm-build gradle task to generate web resources bundles.
Finally, the static resources are requested with a query parameter (which is computed as current time millis when server starts). So as soon as server is running, the cache remains valid. On server restart, the query param changes to new time, making the cache invalid.

I think the last point is causing your issue.
The issue is that, using non SSL Tomcat termination, https scheme is consider even with reverse proxy configurated.
Most of the time Client <-> Proxy use HTTPS and Proxy <-> Server (say Tomcat) use HTTP. In that case, Tomcat see an HTTP request, so it redirect to HTTP.
You can either configure your reverse proxy or configure Tomcat to use https. For that, you need to add secure=“true” and scheme=“https” on tomcat Connector (/path/to/tomcat/conf/server.xml) for running prod mode with https. Then restart tomcat.

In 5.2, we are using the X-Forwarded-Proto header to redirect with the correct scheme.