Change view in Bills of Material


I have a question about how to change the view in the Bill of Materials tab. Here is what I currently see:

The two orange highlights indicate the views I’d like to modify. I’d like to make the Product column wider, and I’d like to make the Qty column numbers show 5 digits after the decimal, instead of just 2.

I’ve looked at the View, but I am not a developer, and I don’t know where/how to change the code to reflect these needs.

Thank you for any help you can offer!

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In my context, I start with a similar case:

Of course, you must have the Admin role to perform the following operations.

  1. Change the production configurationModifier_config

Change the number of decimal places in Components from 2 to 5

Even if you are not a developer, one of the interests of Axelor is that you can change a view directly in production.

  1. Modify the bill-of-material-line-grid view

To manage the dimension of your field with « width » in the example I added width = « 350 » to the <field name = « product » width = « 350 » … field.
To manage the 5 characters in the list, I changed the value of x-scale from 2 to 5

Save, then refresh this view only icone_refresh

and then test.

Warning :
This change will persist as long as the production application version is not changed.
In the case of a new version of the software released in production, the current modification will be lost.
To integrate this modification in the next release, a developer must integrate it into the vue xml file of the application sources.

It should be correct as below:

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Thank you so much, PakMax! Your explanation was clear and concise…and greatly appreciated.