Client Portal module not working

I’ve been trying to setup the Client Portal module and I am having a couple of issues:

  1. Setting up a client user is impossible. To setup the client user action has to be set to wizard-client-view. However action can only accept actions that are marked as « Used as home action ». Yet wizard-client-view is not marked as such and is thus unselectable. In the demo setup `action is set using import from CSV but it is still impossible to create a new user that has access to the client portal.

  2. After fixing the above (direct SQL to the database), I can login to client portal but I can see no orders, quotations or tickets. As it turns out the client portal module is filtering orders and quotations by clientPartner being equal to user.partner'. However user.partneris a contact within the customer whereasclientPartneris the customer himself.user.partner` is not allowed to be set to a customer it has to be set to a contact. As a result the query always returns zero results (contacts can’t have orders, customers do)

Is this a regression? Has the client portal module ever worked?