Company Tree - Multi-Level organization tree


I’m currently testing Axelor ERP demo as a possibility of future implementation at my company.

While I was configuring our companies inside my local instance it seemed to me that we only have Company and Department levels. In our company, hierarchy is Company > Business Unit > Division > Department.

Is this possible to configure on Axelor ERP, or does this requires customization / development?


each business unit is autonomous??

In terms of business yes, but for our ERP we just want that to correctly allocate employees, projects, etc. We have three companies, each one of them have their own business units. Each Business Unit has their divisions, and each division has their departments.

In short, we would like to have access to a Organization tree, something that our old ERP provides, and is a critical requirement for us.


you can do that without going to development, it just needs proper rights management, and it will be done based on company and department unit, and departments are tree based, so it will easy to handle it

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Ok Siddique, I’ll investigate it according to your feedback.

Thank you very much!