Configuring Bank details for a Company

Hi Group!
Can anyone explain the correct method for creating bank details for a Company?

I’ve created a Company called « TESTCO LTD ». I also created the accompanying Partner record for TESTCO.

I then created another Partner record to reflect TESTCO’s bank - in this case i chose ANZ Bank. I initially didn’t enter Bank details on this Partner record.

I went back into the Company record here and created a bank account record that is shown below

The details I entered are below

I selected the ANZ Patner record it defaulted ANZ BANK into the Owner name field. But is that correct? I would think that TESTCO LTD is the owner of that bank account. But since Axelor default ANZ Bank instead, I thought it best to confirm with others. That Q1

I finished adding all the banking details including a fake IBAN #. But I could determine where to enter the TESTCO LTD’s bank account #. I know in Europe IBAN includes this, but we « ain’t in Kansas anymore Toto ». I was forced to use a fake IBAN. So where does a non-european bank account # get added. Q2

Lastly, I went back to the Partner record to find that TESTCO :LTD’s banking details had been added to the ANZ partner record. I guess I can understand that. But how do I handle a scenario where there are mutiple accounts with ANZ bank Q3 - say for different foreign currencies or different accounts. There doesn’t seem to be anywhere in the Partner record to store more than 1 set of bank details. Q3

Thanks to everyone who read through my question to this point.

Anyone keen to provide some expertise??