Confusion on Suppliers and SKU Lists

I am sorry that this is such a low hanging fruit question, however, I am just not finding the answer in a way I can digest it based on how I am expecting to see it…

I am wanting to know if this is built in:

  1. Have a master SKU - say Yellow Pencil SKU #122234, UPC 123456789123
  2. Have multiple suppliers who have prices for this SKU that are loaded (however we load them - CSV, API, by hand, etc)
    – Staples; SKU #209814390, UPC 123456789123, $0.12
    – Office Max; SKU #4899403, UPC 123456789123, $0.18
    – Walmart; SKU #1234-98, UPC 123456789123, $0.10
  3. See the prices of these suppliers when we create an order so we can select the suppliers we want to order our products from based on price
  4. Create the order and then the system creates the invoices for the proper suppliers

If not built-in, is this something decently easy to implement based on what is already in place?


yes it is easy to build it and i will check if it exists

Thanks for the help!