Connexion to MariaDB


I want to experiment with Axelor by associating it with an existing MariaDB database, but I have not been able to set up the correct configuration. The documentation does not detail anything about this driver, its installation or its configuration except that we can use it.

My installation is working fine with Postgresql, and I have installed the drivers:

from the following link to Tomcat / lib /

and configured my with the following parameters:

db.default.driver = org.mariadb.jdbc.Driver
db.default.ddl = update
db.default.url = jdbc: mariadb: // localhost: 3306 / axelor
db.default.user = axelor
db.default.password = *********

Anyone have any idea what I missed in the story or a more precise pilot installation methodology?

Thank you in advance.


For posterity, after spending several weeks installing Axelor 6.0 on MariaDB 10.3, appeared Axelor’s incompatibility message with MariaDB. This required me to enable the logging configuration to get more clues as to the cause of the problem.


Another incompatibility to be aware of;
Axelor is not compatible with MySQL 8. Prefer MySQL 5.7 at most.

Hoping that this feedback can help someone in the future.

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