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Could @admin or @p.belloy take a look at and tell me if this could be integrated into axelor-core?
I think this could be a good way to provide consistency checks that don’t have the issue onSave has with one2many.


Yes we plan to integrate it on Axelor, but on the next version (V6), because it is too impacting for the V5 which will be available soon.

Seriously? Did you look at the patch? There’s no impact on whatever since this is a totally opt in feature… I’m seriously asking myself if contributions are really welcome on the project…

hi @beuss I do really appreciate your posts in the forum, you help a lot of people…I think you should let them a little time, they must be very stressed to deliver the V5 and documentation by the end of this week. Maybe they will create a 5.01 or 5.1 version after to correct bugs or add some things. But even if they don’t use your contribution, other users can, so I think…I have some ideas to create some modules as well…all contributions are always welcome, and people decide if they want to use them or not, if they want to contribute or simply use an end product. With the same idea, we can develop other modules, share them and use them or not. But I think it’s a good idea, Axelor is trying to get a whole picture of their "baby’ and try to guide the planning of features for a good quality…otherwise, it will be anarchy…

@k26 totally agree :slight_smile:
Thing is, when I started using Axelor, I sent them a mail to know what was their opinion wrt contribution. I was answered that those were welcome. From then, almost all pull request I made are simply rotting in a corner, unmerged, unclosed and, most important, without any comment.
I’ve a whole bunch of patches for the Prestashop module that should be rolled by the end of next week, I don’t know how they’ll be handled by the team. Same thing for a Quality Management Module I’m working on. I’m simply afraid being working for nothing, since I know by experience that if a feature isn’t integrated upstream, it quickly becomes a nightmare to maintain.


There was a misunderstanding when I asked about that to the dev team so my last response was not clear. Modifications that will impact ADK will wait for V6. Others pull requests for ABS will not wait V6 and will be included in the next versions of V5.

For sure there will be a 5.0.1, a 5.1…etc.

We are not against the community contributions but to be honest since few months the workload is important for the teams, with both the release of the V5 and the customers projects. It takes time to check the contributions and recently we ran out of time.

To improve the way we handle community contributions, we will create on Github a repositery for the modules created by the community. It will help us to be more reactive and to integrate contributions faster.

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Thanks for the explanations. For sure, Axelor will grow and a lot of contributions may be added in the future…but that requires some management and will take some time to be put in place.I could bet a kopek that one day we will user one @beuss’s module or contribution ! :grin: