Correct method to upgrade

We were using 5.0.1-snapshot and upgraded to 5.1
However, we are experiencing some issues and I suspect the upgrade may not have been completed correctly as the module list is still showing 5.0.1-snapshot as core.

What are the correct steps to upgrade from a wip version to master?
Do we need to do anything with the DB?

Its displaying correctly. ABS is upgraded to 5.1.0 but not its core dependencies. It still works with core dependencies and upgraded ABS.


Just to give you more explanation:

Axelor app has 2 main parts: the Axelor Business Suite - ABS (which is now 5.1.0) and the Axelor Dev Kit - ADK (which is now 5.0.11). The ABS has been developed using the ADK.

These two parts have a separate lifecycle.


The upgrade was from ABS 5.0.1 -snapshot to 5.1. The problem we are experiencing is that now some data is impossible to enter, such as customer and address.

Are there no DB updates required when moving from one version to another?

From one version to another (eg 5.0.1 to 5.1.0) you could have several database schema updates.

There is no list of impacted fields so the first thing you have to do after an upgrade is to refresh all views (Admin/View Management/All View -> button Refresh). By doing this any manuel modification will be lost.

If you still have error with field (missing, wrong name, etc) you have to create a fresh install and to compre both databases.


Hi @femtonext,
Do you have a Guidelines (step by step) to upgrade Axelor Business Suite from one version to another ( eg. v5.1.0 to the latest version) without erase all data?

currently i’m using ABS v5.1.0 on windows 10.


Sorry but there is no real guideline.
What I’m doing:

  1. create a production backup;
  2. generate a database diff between the production db and a fresh.
  3. apply the diff on the production database
  4. in case of updated fields I drop/create the field and I make a migration script from the backup db.

As you can see, it’s really complicated to upgrade.


Hi @femtonext,

thanks for your explanation. It’s so manually.

This is a real issue. We were thinking about moving to ABS, but without such a feature. Why the diff is not perform by an upgrade process and ask the user what to do in case of conflict?


Just note that if you add a new domain of a new field inside an existing domain hibernats will create these new table/field at the first launch. The problem comes with field upgrade that is not supported that requires manual upgrade (string to mOm, etc…).


Note that there is a very simple way to handle upgrade: subscribe to Axelor commercial version

We cannot afford the commercial version for now and we still assessing Axelor, thus it is not a viable answer.

Without a native upgrade process, that means most of the users will either stick on old versions for a long time, or have to spend a lot of time and efforts to support the migration.

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So, you want the commercial version’s benefits without paying it…
I can’t believe how demanding people are when it comes down to free software

What would be great if there was a add-on or even a fixed price service for upgrades. I am sure a lot of folks what be happy to pay for that. Maybe a business op for someone, Buess?

We are not talking about a business or advanced feature that could be available only with the paid version. We are only talking about the software upgrade. Even a manual process might be a good starting point!!!

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Thanks for this upgrade method, however I’m wondering about generated BPM or modified procedure.
Is there any possibility to make a backup and reinstall after upgrade ?

I don’t think so, it’s the reason why the better way to maintain a custom version it’s to create your own module which will contains your cutomization. I never used the BPM so I don’t know how to make it with this tool.