Create module app


I have created a new module who adds functionality for axelor HR module.

I would like to create an app configuration for activating or not my functionalities, like this:

How can I proceed ?

Thank’s for help

either extend it or duplicate it

Can i create this config page in my apps management, but directly on my new module?

yes why not it is quite possible with above mentioned ways

I don’t understand how I can proceed to display my new module in application management without duplicating another module.

duplication just help to do it quickly, you can just copy data-init folder from say axelor-project and change according to your need and it will appear in modules list

After several tries I cannot display my module in modules list.

I think I have configured what was needed
Sans titre

In input-config.xml

<input file="base_appNew.csv" separator=";" type="com.axelor.apps.base.db.AppNew" call="com.axelor.csv.script.ImportApp:importApp">
	<bind column="dependsOn" to="dependsOnSet" search="self.code in :dependsOn" eval="dependsOn.split(',') as List"/>

In base_appNew.csv

"New";"NEW";45;"Test module";"app-new.png";"axelor-new";"axelor-human-resource";500