Crm process

Hi Team,
please help me that Crm flow should work in the straight process not to work on back process.
for more please find the below example.
Create a lead and qualification is done and nutating is done and if i click on qualification it should not go.


After the lead is created, it needs to be qualified to determine if it meets certain criteria, such as budget, need, authority, and timeline (BANT). Once qualified, it moves to the next stage. If the lead meets the qualification criteria, it enters the nurturing stage where further interactions and engagements take place to build a relationship and move the lead closer to conversion.

In addition, set up automation rules within your CRM system to ensure that once a lead is marked as qualified, it cannot be reverted back to the qualification stage. This can be achieved by locking or hiding the qualification stage once it’s completed. Also, adjust user permissions within your CRM system so that only authorized users have the ability to move leads between stages. This can prevent accidental or unauthorized changes to lead stages. Utilizing a robust business information API can streamline this process and enhance data accuracy and security.