CSV import Problem

I want to import HR contracts types/sub-contracts types using csv files
The model for contracts types is:

  <entity name="EmploymentContractType" lang="java">
    <string name="name" title="EmploymentContractType.name" required="true"/>
    <one-to-many name="employmentContractSubTypeList"
      ref="com.axelor.apps.hr.db.EmploymentContractSubType" title="Contract sub type"/>
    <string name="description" title="EmploymentContractType.description"/>
    <boolean name="isNoLongerUsed" title="No longer used" default="false"/>

and the sub-contracts types model is:

  <entity name="EmploymentContractSubType" lang="java">
    <string name="code" title="Code" namecolumn="true"/>
    <string name="description" title="EmploymentContractSubType.description" large="true"/>

I created two csv files, contractstype.csv, and subcontractstype.csv with the following contents respectively:

	Fixed-term contract,false,FTC,1|35
	Permanent contract,false,PC,34|36|37
	Apprenticeship contract,false,AC,
	Professionalization contract,false,PRC,
	Intermittent employment contract,false,IEC,
	Part-time employment contract,false,PEC,
	Seasonal employment contract,false,SEC,
	Temporary employment contract,false,TEC,


	35,FTC Advisor,Advisor Fixed-term contract
	1,FTC Freelance,Freelance Fixed-term contract
	36,PC  Profit-sharing bonus,Permanent contract with profit-sharing bonus
	37,PC Without profit-sharing bonus,Permanent contract without profit-sharing bonus
	34,PC  Commission,Permanent contract with commission

The import configuration file contains the following:

 <input file="subcontractstype.csv" separator=","
  	<input file="contractstype.csv" separator=","
    	<bind column="subtypes" to="employmentContractSubTypeList"
      	search="self.importId in :subtypes" if="!subtypes.empty" eval="subtypes.split('\\|') as List"

The problem is that the association table links only the first records (for example Fixed-term contract is linked only to FTC Advisor and not to FTC Freelance)
What I’m doing wrong ??

For me it s a problem on the contractstype file , no field of index

I don’t understand. What do you mean by no field of index

These models are those used in HR module. And I’m not able to do a proper import on them! any suggestions

For me import configuration is not correct .

I’m sure it is not correct, because it is not working as intended :wink: can you help me ?

<input file="subcontractstype.csv" separator=","
	type="com.axelor.apps.hr.db.EmploymentContractSubType" search="self.importId = :importId" update="true" />

<input file="contractstype.csv" separator=","
	type="com.axelor.apps.hr.db.EmploymentContractType" search="self.importId = :importId" update="true" >

	<bind  to="employmentContractSubTypeList" column="subtypes"
  	search="self.importId in :subtypes" if="!subtypes.empty" eval="subtypes.split('\\|') as List" />

En rajoutant une colonne importid dans le fichier contractstype.csv.
Pas le temps de tester