Custom calendar visual


I am currently seeking a way to personalize the calendar object. My goal is to create a view that is similar to the default week view (without the hour, if possible) but with each row representing a different user. To clarify, I am looking to create a matrix-like view for every week and user, where the columns represent the days of the week and the rows represent the users. The information contained in each cell would be a simple number.

I am experiencing difficulties in creating the visual representation that I desire. Do you happen to know if there are any customization options available for this purpose? Alternatively, would it be feasible for me to write some Java code that implements ICalendar (as I presume) to achieve the desired result?

You can use Custom Views to create whatever you want if the standard views are not suitable for you

I think I overlooked this while going through the documentation. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. Although it might be challenging to achieve the desired outcome, at least AngularJS is permissive.

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