Custom object deletion

I would like to protect some object of deletion by using the canDelete=“false” flag inside grids and forms and by adding a customized “delete” button in the form.

Now I wonder:

  • which action I need to call on the custom Delete button ? I tried “action=delete” it doesn’t work
  • is there another way not using permission (should be applied also for Admins)

I know that I can also have an abstract factory and just make verification before the deletion but I prefer to not create java code for this kind of feature.

What is really strange is that inside the ABS there is some several Delete button (like InvoiceProject, AppBase, etc.) but no actions is set for them. So I just wonder how it works !

Thanks in advance

using abstract repository is the best choice i’ve done to make the job even if another answer from anyone has been appreciated.

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Yes repository is the best choice to do that.