Custom Reports/Dashboards

Hey there, how do you go about making custom reports or dashboards. I’m looking to make a report/dashboard showing the distribution of costs based on the hourly rate of employees (from the timesheet) across activities or tasks per project. Another thing Im looking to create is to see the cost (in terms of manpower) per project in one report (I’ve only seen the cost of a single project in a report).

Before I delve into custom reports though, are there any existing reports that try to do what I have mentioned?
If not, what would be a good reference to look at so I can start making my own. (As well as how to add it if its a button in the view).

I don’t think so is something similar already exists.
I made a simple custom report a table for every employee timesheet status.

where do I start in making custom reports?


Would looking at how these views were made and learning to modify them be in the right direction?

I make it programmatically, so wrote the code.
I can PM you my example if you need it

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ah, that would help alot. Please do

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Hello @kurikaktus
Have a look at this snippet my custom report to report current month employees timesheet status.