Custom view could not open


I’m trying to open a custom view because I want to see another angular web page.

So I create a new custom view with this definition :

<custom name="custom-test-view" title="View Title">

  <!-- dataset is required -->
  <dataset type="jpql">
  SELECT * FROM public.aTable;

  <!-- template is require -->

Then I create an action view which have this definition :

<action-view name="test.custom" title="Custom action">
  <view name="custom-test-view" type="custom"/>

But when I use the action « test.custom », i get :
« Internal Error: HTTP 404
message: /index/partials/views/custom.html
description: the ressource isn’t available »

What am I doing wrong ?

Update: I found that I have to include this view thanks to dashlet and panel-dashlet, and not open it directly.
But now, I have another problem. I don’t know how it works, anything is showed on it.