Customer Account to validate Invoices


I’m trying to validate some invoices that I created, but when I try to validate them, a warning message appears saying that I need to configure a customer account for my company.
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In my Company account config, I can’t select any customer account, and, I don’t have idea where I can create one to my company account.

I’ve tried to create a financial account, but it doesn’t work. Can some please help me?

Thank you all


Accounting > configuration > Chart of accounts.

Do you have a chart of accounts ?


I’ve found this, but I don’t know what it is

It’s empty?!

You have to complet it.
you need to have knowlegde of accounting.

try to read this :

It’s base for french accounting. I don’t know how you can handle for your country.
in french the account 411XXX is for client, and 401XXX is for supplier.

I have this

Hello again.

I’m trying to configure a chart account to add the customer account in my company settins.
I managed to add the employee acount, but the platform still doesn’t allow me to add the customer account. I made two accounts: the employee account and the customer account.

I also configured a customer account in a client settings in the Accounting situation

For information, you can import a chart of accounting (do you use it ?)

Compare your configuration with the demo.axelor :

Just to be sure :
your society have to be configured as customer AND as supplier

On a chart of account verify please if you different level of client is good. Example for me :

411001 Mr&Mrs DUPONT
(child of)
(child of)
(child of)
400 third party
(child of)
CL4 Third party accounts

I’m french and it’s maybe not the best advice with this example :slight_smile:

I did it! Thank you. You helped me a lot :slight_smile:

Perfect ! Have fun with Axelor.
Please update this topic with [SOLVED/RESOLU]. Thank you !