Customize object-views.xsd

Anyone has any advice to customix that xsd file in order to add new fields type?


Schermata del 2020-04-17 15-30-03

Basically I want to add a new option for this ENUM.

What is your goal by doing this ? adding a new color ?
Maybe you could use CSS attribute to do this.

Hi femtonext thanks for your reply!
Yes I want add new color, but trying to do the most clear solution to have a new style there and use it in many other places.
I tried just using CSS class (not worked), but I would like to be able to use Hilite xml with its attributes.

You can’t override the XSD but you can host yourself a version of it with your modification. In that case you must update the xsi:schemaLocation in your views to point to the good one.

Moreover, you will have to update the css to add your customization.

I’m not sure there are others solutions to make it.

Yes It was the solution I thought.
I was curios if someone else has a better solution!

Did you have a good idea for unit test? mocking services and repository class?

No really, sorry

Ok Thanks femtonext!!