Cvs export language problems


  1. Hello, when I export as cvs,it shows names written in cyrillic alphabet as a question mark.

how can I fix this?

  1. We only use Russian, where can I change the titles on cvs?

Hello Alican,
To solve your problem, go to the code, part « » and modify line 222 "data.export.encoding = xxxx (currently: UTF - 8).
I hope to have answered your question,
Very good day,

Thank you so much, ıts worked. and could you pls say me how we can change cvs tıtles? we need Russıan translatıon on there… ı hope ıts possıble

Hi Alican,
Yes, it is possible. If you use the 7.x version, you need to :

  1. To add extra option of Russian from ADMINSTRATION > View Managemement > All Selects.

    For exemple

  2. To add all the translation from ADMINISTRATION > View Management > All translations

  3. To change the current logged in user lang to Russian

I hope it will be a success! Let me know
Have a good day,

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