Deleting ventilated invoice


We have a need to remove ventilated invoices.
After pressing « Delete » button and answering YES on popup question « Do you really want to delete the selected record? » I receive error:

Questuion -

  1. Is it possible to delete ventilated invoice?
  2. If Axelor Open Suite don’t have such functionality - how you could suggest to implement this?


Go on accounting and delete invoice lines.
After that I believe you can cancel the ventilated invoice and delete it after.

Thanks you for quick response. But I can’t find suggested solution… Could you please explain a bit detail?
I attach main Accounting menu:

There is no Invoice lines… on Move lines. Did you meant Move lines?

More complicates that I had in mind this morning.

Before more explanation, do not hesitate to use the demo Axelor :
And the offcial documentation is here :

You have to have activated this option :
Application Config > Apps Manangement > Accounting > Account configurations > Invoicing > Allow concelation of ventilated invoice

But you still have to delete “account_move” too
And yes it’s where you said it on your last post.
Normaly when a invoice is ventiletad, axelor write lines in accounting.
If you delete lines of the invoice, you should delete the invoice cancel.

(I hope to be clear, to not hesitate to ask again)

I just read carefully documentation again.
There is contradictions. In documentation writed “Once an invoice has been split, it can no longer be cancelled”. But in the Accounting configuratuion (Application Config > Apps management > Accounting > Configure > Click “edit” icon on the company name and go to the Invoicing tab). There is checkbox “Allow cancelation of ventilated invoice”. So seems that documentation is a bit outdated.

I activated cancellation of ventinaled invoice.

Now I made the new invoice, validated and ventilated it. After that I go to Accounting > Moves > Moves, open move, that related to the new created invoice and press “delete”. Nothing happens…

The same on the demo: if you click “delete” notning happen.

If I just select on “Accouning > Moves > Moves” move (don’t open it) and press “delete” then I receive message “Please select ‘Draft’ or ‘Daybook’ or ‘Canceled’ moves”. The same also on demo.