Delivery Order

Hi All,
Will like to know on how to generate delivery order for a sales order.
Kinda need a pdf printout showing delivery date etc type.

Been trying to find the Generate BL from axelor documentation but cant seem to find it.


you have a lot to do.

Did you install this app :

  • stock
  • supply chain

then make some configuration :

  • sequence
  • products with stock
  • create an inventory for start your first stock product

Come back when you stuck

@dtneo Thanks and have found it to be under Stock Management → Customer deliveries

you have to do it from an order if you want to keep the sequence of documents, I mean, the trace that the customer ask you a price, then the client order… you delivery this product in the order…

From the delivery note, you will be able to create the invoice of what was deliver.

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@dtneo Thanks and wonder where do I create the invoice for this DO, under Stock management module.
The DO is realised, and trying to find out the button to do the invoice. Thanks.


You should use the demo online :

You can compare what you have and what the demo have.

If you install the invoicing module, you should see the button « generate an invoice » directly on the customer delivery or supplier arrivals

Thanks @dtneo, I do see the « generate invoice » at the french-version online demo.
I have installed and enabled invoice module.

Any reason why the « generate invoice » option is not showing, despite showing « Not invoiced ».


start another maybe this one wasn’t create with the possibility of an invoice.

Or probably a configuration to do in supplychain or invoicing.
Sorry I don’t remember every configuration :frowning:

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Thanks. @dtneo
I removed those highlighted lines in the view menu and the button appear.
Will study a bit more where I mess up. :rofl:

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