Difference between company, partner, user

Hi everyone someone can explain me the difference between company, partner and user at functional level? The concept of partner is not clear, it is a user or not, it is a supplier/customer?




My definitions :

user : person with access to Axelor interface

company : the society you own and you manage (you can handle not just one, but keep it simple)

partner : every society in relation of your company. Suppliers, customers and more

Have fun

thanks, do you know if there is a functional guide for v6, because i can’t find it.

Who care of v6 ?
They talk about v7 now :rofl:

They are not a lot of difference between v5 and v6. Ask me when you have problems.

Sorry for this answer and good luck !

ok, but in the github source the latest version is 6.3.x. Anyway if you say that v5 and v6 are similar there should not be any problem. Thanks again

6.4.2 thé last V6 version