DMS Module: "Cant See" permission

Hey there, Im having a bit of difficulty with the DMS module in regards to the access of certain user groups.

Based on the screenshot, I have a user that does not have the permission to be able to view the file and is still able to view the file.

Is there an explicit permission to prevent a certain user or user group to not see the files?

Is it also possible to apply permissions to the base folder? In the screenshot’s case, the main project folder

There doesnt seem to be any selections for permissions when the base folder is selected.

Sharing this permission I modified

My objective was to prevent a user with this permission to see any file with the filename " Planification and costs "

The flaw with this is it is hard coded and I would need to add to the condition any new reports I dont want certain user groups to see. There is also a risk of them uploading a file with the first part of the file name " Planification and costs " and would never see the file again.

In summary, what this does is to prevent viewing of any previously generated reports of that file name, and any future reports that are generated (No need for me to fix the permissions every time a new file is created). I actually disabled the dms for the basic users before I fixed this permission. With this permission, users are still able to use dms and not see the reports I dont want them to see.

What would be the better method for it?

Apparently its my fault for not setting permissions properly. Permissions should be set like this

I used the imported permissions for " Base User " and thought that was the way to go

This being the default permission given.

Having the permission set like this gives the given user all access to all files regardless of set permissions(Permissions in DMS and not in user settings)

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