Document Management System

Has anyone connected the DMS to Dropbox or Google Drive? The idea is to be able to share documents between these spaces.


the DMS is a proprietary system that can’t be sync natively with any external system.

When you add file using the DMS Web interface, a MetaFile is created and the file is uploaded inside the path defined with the property file.upload.dir (inside the file).

If you want to sync your DMS with a dropbox you need to create your own program using the Drop Box API and the Axelor WebService API. You can also create your own module inside the ABS and use the Drop Box API, the MetaFileRepository and a custom batch class.

To my knoledge, nowaday, no addon exists to make this kind of stuff.


And do you know if we can connect it to a network directory?

Thank you


I don’t think so. In any case each DMS entry (file/folder) should have an entry in the dms_file table, and for file i, the meta_file table to be displayed in the DMS App.

Moreover, the upload folder contains all uploaded file (as logo for partner, etc.) so not only files for the DMS.

You can sync it using a third party program but only for backup not for sync. If u want to sync your DMS with any other storage, u need an external process that you need to make yourself (in fact, not really complicated to do :slight_smile:) . See here for more info abut how to remotely manage documents:


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