Hello, I wanted to know if some of you had set up an invoicing system, like TicketBai. Know where to implement it and how (BPM?)
thank you

In our local country, we call it FBR system, we have to post each invoice with items code to FBR POS, and in return it give us one transaction id. It works offline and online both ways.

  1. we create invoice locally
  2. we post invoice with items to FBR along with unique transaction ID
  3. It give us FBR ID to be printed on invoice as QR Code
  4. Taxation is calculated based on this.

this is just rough idea, we have did this on one of my employer.

we can automate this in Axelor with the help of BPM.

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Thanks , for ticketBAI ( Spanish Basque Country) it s a xml send to the tax authorities . Same process for italian and Portugal .

so anything we can give as service in those countries ?

Send the xml by a WS . In italy xml can be send by email …
Each country has its own way of doing it. I wanted to know if it was easy to set up in axelor. A BPM invoicing workflow can be a solution. My company invoices from the same software for several European countries (Partugal, Italy, Spain, France, Poland, etc.)

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Software has no limit as long as it give ease to users.

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Of course, but I have to calculate the feasibility and the load it will take to implement in each country. We have already coded TicketBai in our system

I just set up mine here for generating invoices with currencies of choices depending on user preferences Create invoice. it was easy to implement but not as sophisticated as mentionned in comments above