Elaboration on "Name" vs "First Name" fields


I have tested the demo, and am setting up a copy for myself, but am confused at the naming convention for “partners”.

In the demo, the naming convention for the french employees seems to be:
firstName = “Personfirstname”

with this sort of capitalization.

I noticed in the code there are checks for partner type, and there are also mentions of “Name/Company Name” for this field.

So I must ask:

Is in fact the “name” field overloaded to mean BOTH “company name” and “last name of individual” ?

If it is not, where is the “Last Name” field ?
And if it is, why? Shouldn’t there simply be a “Company” contact type vs an “individual” contact type, instead of somehow merging the 2 concepts into a “Partner” contact type?

Finally, are there instances where this “name” field would look ‘strange’ if for example I changed the HR employee edit view to say firstName=“First Name” name=“Last Name” ?


On a partner form, you can choose the type « Company » or « Individual » (first field on the top on the view).

If you choose « Company », you just have the field « Name », which is for the name of the company.

If you choose « Individual », you have the fields « Civility », « Name » (it is the last name), and the « First name ». For information these fields are in edit mode, when you consult the form in reading mode you will just see a field « Full name » which is the name + first name.

Note that if the partner is of the type « Company », you can add as many contacts of this company as you want.