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I’m testing Axelor CRM and Mailmarketing and wonder if anyone has tried to send an email marketing campaign as I think I have set everything: Partner list, the email template and the email account for the smtp server. At the email template if I leave blank the fields TO, CC and BCC it doesn’t send anything but for me it seems that I need to insert something like the name of the field email of the Partner, like [emailadress]. If I type a fixed email address in any of those fields the email is sent and received successfully. So, what should type there to make the program send emails to all the partner list?

Other thing I’m looking to set is the mailing results statistics. I’ve read that Axelor can track the emails campaings with trackers on emails, and generate statistics on click rates, open mails,etc… How you do that? what kind of trackers should I insert on my email template? Any documentation on that?

Thank you.

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For marketing campaigns, in the email template the field « Media type » must be emailing, and the model must be Partner (for partners templates) or Lead (for lead template).

Then in the « To » field of the recipients, it is necessary to insert the formula $Partner.emailAddress.address$ if it is an emailing destined to partners, and $Lead.emailAddress.address$ if it is is an emailing to leads.

This formula will automatically retrieve email addresses from your target list for sending.

About email statistics, for the moment you can’t directly have it in Axelor. Mass Emailings can be send from Axelor, but it should be linked to an external email account, for example a Mailchimp account.

In this example, you can add a Mailchimp account in Axelor, and send your emailings in Axelor from this account. But to retrieve the statistics, you have to go on the Mailchimp website, log in and see the statistics of the campaign. You can download the report and the upload it on the campaign in Axelor, in the field « Email sending log ».

In the future, the objective is to create better integrations with emailing solutions like Mailchimp, SendinBlue, Mailjet…etc and be able to have the statistics directly in Axelor.