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I am new to Axelor and would like to get an email notification when a field is changed from true to false for an order say. I found this forum message:-

Email support is already there for stream messages. You can add fields you wants to track and it will generate stream message when those fields get changed. Just setup default smtp account from Application config and it will send email too. Don’t forget to add entities user wish to follow on user preference form, it will send email for those entities only.

but can’t see where to add the fields I would like to track? Any help would be much appreciated

You need to add the tag <track> in your entity

    <field name="name"/>

Perfect - just what I needed - Thanks!

I have it working fine by entering the fields at design time, however is it possible to enter the fields to track at run time? This would help us respond to user requests to track fields in a much easier way.

I guess with latest 6 version with global tracking possible, not sure though,

best way is to fire proper events to make it more conteoable

Thanks for the ideas, not sure how to fire events as you suggest though?

there are entity listeners Available natively in axelor

but I recommend CDC that’s more scalable solution

I have looked at the listeners as you suggest which will fine for us at the moment.

Thanks for your help

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