Email settings

Hi ,
this is the first time i am using axelor , i want to send emails to epmloyees when client create a ticket ( helpdesk module),
and send it again to client when it had been resolved ,

i have no idea have to do it ,

it’s included on batch mail or something like that ?


I’m not sure if it’s already exists.
You need something similar like timesheet email sending and approval

Hi all,
I’m facing same issue on (helpdesk module)

Hello @yesmine
GO to application confi-> Messages → Email Accounts
and set your default mail account to send and receive emails

After this you will be able to send and receive emails.

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Hi all,
Good day
I send mail but I cant’ received it

Only I receive the message notification, but I need mail notification
I create a helpdesk ticket and how to get mail notification