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For some reason the BPM Studio is empty, when you click on it nothing happens, there is only an empty window that appears, here is the log:

2022-04-20 20:20:07.612 DEBUG 74 --- [o-8080-exec-214] com.axelor.rpc.Resource                  : Searching 'com.axelor.meta.db.MetaMenu'
2022-04-20 20:20:07.636 DEBUG 74 --- [o-8080-exec-214] com.axelor.rpc.Resource                  : JPQL: SELECT new List(self.id, self.version, self.id, self.name, self.title, self.link) FROM MetaMenu self LEFT JOIN self.user _user WHERE (_user = :__user__ and self.link is not null) AND (self.archived is null OR self.archived = false) ORDER BY self.priority DESC, self.id DESC
2022-04-20 20:20:07.640 DEBUG 74 --- [o-8080-exec-214] com.axelor.rpc.Resource                  : Records found: 0
2022-04-20 20:20:11.295 DEBUG 74 --- [o-8080-exec-233] c.a.meta.schema.actions.ActionGroup      : action: expense.ventilate
2022-04-20 20:20:11.349 DEBUG 74 --- [o-8080-exec-233] c.a.meta.schema.actions.ActionGroup      : action: stock.root.custdeliveries.invoicing.block
2022-04-20 20:20:20.036 DEBUG 74 --- [o-8080-exec-218] c.a.meta.schema.actions.ActionGroup      : action: action-wkf-view-open-editor

I think there is a problem with the database, but I don’t want to lose the data I already have. Do you know if there is a solution to solve this problem?

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I reinstalled Axelor from scratch but the Studio and BPM Studio are empty in the App Builder module. Did I miss a configuration? I can’t find any documentation about this either…

If someone can help me, please.

Try to control and perform the following actions:
Is the module correctly installed? Try to uninstall/install it

Do you have the following views/menus ? : studio and bpm

If so, although it is not recommended, to solve the problem in the short term, you can remove the Condition to check in the following modules: app-builder-root, app-builder-app-builders, app-builder-app- loaders

If you don’t have all the menus studio and bpm, one solution is to delete all these views/menus studio and bpm, respecting the order imposed by the integrity constraints.
Then refresh all views.

Hope this can help you

Hello @PakMax ,

The BPM module is correctly installed, I also try to uninstall/install but nothing changes.

I do have all the views/menus that your screens display.

The « short term » solution didn’t work, I didn’t see any change on my side.

I tried deleting and restoring the views but it did not change anything.

For more information, I have this problem on axelor 6.1.8, 6.1.9 and 6.1.10.

I really have no clue on the whereabouts of this problem :confused:

I found the issue, it happens because of HTTPS :

Mixed Content: The page at 'https://XXX/#/ds/action.studio.view/html'
was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure
frame 'http://XXX/studio/custom-model/'. This request has been blocked;
the content must be served over HTTPS.

Without HTTPS it works properly.

The funny thing is that there is a problem with the module on the axelor demo as well, but it seems to be something different.

Do I need to update the codebase to replace HTTP with HTTPS? Should I also create an Issue on the github repository of Axelor? Has anyone encountered this problem?

I did not find anything in the documentation nor in the issue/PR on github.

No one has encountered this problem before?

Studio inject javascript and html code in the html page that you want to extend, but for security reason chrome block this injection to avoid the hacking.
In Chrome go on security of the page (the little padlock next to the url) click on « parameter site » and authorize the option « Unsecured content » (at the end of the list).

I hope that help you.

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I’m sorry for the very late response, but your solution works for me. It’s fixed in the recent version of Axelor, so it should not be a problem anymore.

Thank you!

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