Empty screen on login and need refresh

Hi all,
When I login to the system with a user account, e.g. supplier, it shows empty.

Checking into log, it shows records :0
2023-04-08 23:21:01.265 DEBUG 21904 — [http-nio-8098-exec-4] com.axelor.rpc.Resource : JPQL: SELECT new List(self.id, self.version, self.id, self.name, self.title, self.link) FROM MetaMenu self LEFT JOIN self.user _user WHERE (_user = :user and self.link is not null) AND (self.archived is null OR self.archived = false) ORDER BY self.priority DESC, self.id DESC
2023-04-08 23:21:01.270 DEBUG 21904 — [http-nio-8098-exec-4] com.axelor.rpc.Resource : Records found: 0

When I refresh, the intended menus shows up, but the same 0 records is found.

How should I trouble shoot this to ensure that the intended menus always show up.


Hy @AndrewTrust
Can you share the group and role details given to this user ?

and first do check the role , which permissions and menus it has .
your problem will be solved.
if not you are free to contact

@ZeeshanAhmad Thanks and I checked.
The role is supplier and I un-check the « supplier » box. Then the record is found with beautiful view upon login.

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