English Docs not available and android app not connecting

HI axelor community and axelor admins,

first of all: great software.

I have two questions:

Are there any plans to extend the functional documentation in english?

(BTW: your link https://www.axelor.com/functional-documentation/ is actually not working and/or not redirecting to https://docs.axelor.com/abs/5.0/functional/index.html

The other question is, how can i connect the axelor android app to the axelor open suite system. we are running version 5.1.8. I am getting the error “Invalid axelor URL”


You can check this link https://www.axelor.com/27250-2/ for the functional documentation in english, but it will be update soon.

For the “Invalid axelor URL” did you already check your URL on the internet of your mobile phone?