English French translation and others

Can someone explain to me how I can (if possible) generate the English → French translation on the interfaces that I have coded in the framework.

Should I use i18n?

Thanks for your help

Yes you need to use i18n, axelor already implement it and create csv files for each translations

Indeed it is in i18n.
To translate into French, all you have to do is add your own terms to the messages_fr.csv file
For fun I translated from English terms to Basque (google translation), messages_fr.csv file, for the sections relating to the car fleet.

I rebuilt the application properly : it didn’t work.
Warning: It is also necessary to refresh all the views as below, so that the translations are correct.

And then it runs fine.

Hope this can help you

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Excuse me @fabiobottan, I hadn’t seen your answer

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No problem!
You answer enrich the post !!

thanks ! :wink: it’s good.

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