Error message

hello I get this error message when I make a modification on an employee in the HR module and also when I want to delete an employee.

please prevent me from working on all modules someone has already encountered this problem.


This issue appears when a One-to-One relation is compromise. How the data have been loaded ?

The best way to found the issue is to check in database if two record have same value in a O2O relation. On Employee object we have two O2O relations : contactPartner and user
As the contactPartner is displayed in embedded view on Employee, you also have to check the following O2O relation in Partner object : emailAddress


yes two employees are the same name and the same identify. but when i try to delete or edit the error message is displayed. I don’t know how to fix this problem.

hi can you tell me how to proceed to delete these two employees with the same ID by switching to CLI mode in the database.