Error on build following ADK Quick Tutorial Step 3


Background: I’ve managed to build and deploy the axelor-demo
I have more or less exactly followed the ADK Quick Tutorial.

On step 3, I get 78 errors similar to these two samples below -
test-project2/modules/axelor-contact/build/src-gen/java/com/axelor/contact/db/ error: package util.Objects does not exist
test-project2/modules/axelor-contact/build/src-gen/java/com/axelor/contact/db/ error: package persistence.Entity does not exist
import persistence.Entity.javax;

I’ve tried comparing files with axelor-demo, but am unable to determine what I’m missing in my project.

Help will be greatly appreciated.


NOTE: Not related, but the Quick Tutorial misses a requirement of gradle/style.gradle in step 1,
and a requirement of modules/axelor-contact/src/license/header.txt in step 3

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Update : The code generator is putting the first package part at the end. Like this -

import persistence.Entity.javax;

Found the issue -
The problem occurs with gradle 5.1.1
I copied in gradlew and gradle folder from axelor-demo into my test project, and the build went fine with it.

Can you please put some more details? I’ve got the same issue but do not understand what to copy where.
The problem occurs with graddle 5.2.1

Thanks, Jochen

@Jochen : you would obviously have added an ADk in the buildscript like this :
dependencies {
classpath “com.axelor:axelor-gradle:${adkVersion}”

Checkout that ADK from git.
In the ADK, there will be a gradlew executable, and a gradle folder.
Copy in gradlew as well as the gradle folder (along with it’s contents) into your project.