Error on Sale module install

Dear all,
With the new version 7.2.0 i am facing the following issue:

Error while importing sale_saleConfig.csv Constraint violation error:

  • [company] - ne doit pas être nul

there were important changes between version 7.1.6 and 7.2.0 on file « sale_saleConfig.csv ».
The issue may come from there.

FYI i tried to install version 7.2.0 from scratch, while i faced this issue.
BTW i already opened an issue on github, but no answers for now.

same error for the following modules:

  • Accounting
  • Stock
  • Quality (production)

Hello , if i see the files on the 7.2.0 source , i have two differents files sale_saleConfig.csv :
one on the demo data ( same as 7.1.6 ) and an another in init-data folder ( same than your second picture ) . I verify in version 7.1.5 this file is only in demo-data

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Salut, j’ai eu le même problème, jai du revenir en arrière et remettre la 7.1.6. J’attends de voir quand ce sera fixé. Merci d’avoir remonté le problème.

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La version 7.2.1 est sortie , meme fichiers que la 7.2 pas encore tester l installation du module

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Dans la version « dev » (7.2.2) donc, c’est corrigé, mais pas dans la « wip » (8.0.0).
Selon l’équipe dev →
« Thank you for reporting this issue, the fix will be available on the next release this week. »