Example for BPM?

Hello! Can someone please point me to an example for how to use the BPM app? I understand BPM charts and have watched the videos listed below. But I’m still missing how to integrate this into the ERP. Say for example, I wanted to make a simple BPM and all it does is detects when a new Customer is made in the Sales app, then sends a slack message when this is detected. How can I do this? If it helps, a slack message is a simple REST query

Hello Rick,
Our BPM specialist is on (well-deserved) leave! I forwarded the question to him and I hope to be able to answer you very quickly.

Thank you @nvi-axelor! No worries, it’s not a high priority item. We are just evaluating the solution right now. I hope he fully enjoys his leave :slight_smile:

Yes, I hope he comes back to us in great shape!
Good evaluation of our solution :blush: I hope it will meet your expectations!
Please feel free to give me feedback…
As soon as I have the answer to your question, I will send it to you.
Very good day

Hello Rick,

I’m glad that you have some interest in our BPM solution, and will give you some tips on how you can use it.

First of all here is a video in french where i show how some parameters can be set in our bpm modeler:

If you want to combine a process with webservices call it’s possible, you can define low-code webservices using our WS Studio (documentation will be soon uploaded on our website, as soon as our content manager come back from its leaves).

A webservice can be used in a process through a script task, you just need to check the corresponding option.
In every process you can use timer events and create loop, so in your case you can set a loop where every hours a get call is done to check if a new customer is created in another application.

Once you have designed your process accordingly to the BPMN standard requirements you can deploy it by clicking on the rocket in our BPM Studio.

I will keep you in touch regarding the documentation of our BPM application and publish here the link as soon it’s available (by the end of the month).