Expense Grid Field predefined


There is a field on expense line grid that is predefined as 0.00. Is it possible to edit the 0.00 to null?
This is the field on expense-line-grid View

Thank you

it’s of number type, what you are achieving

Is it possible to change 0.00 to blank?

yes it is possible to do in many ways.

  1. you can change its type to string ( now probably it is a integer or decimal type field).

  2. you can write an action attrs to set it to null like :

    <action-attrs name="action-test-null-total-amount">
    <attribute name="value" for="totalAmount" expr="eval: null"/>

you can use this action as per your needs .


It s possible to use the attribute « nullable ».


You can take a look on an example on the Inventory lines :

Also, you have to update the java code to avoid some NPE issues