Filter objects by user

Hi guys
How can I sort all reference documents by user created them? In one window if it possible.
I need to delete some user, but I can’t, coz I need to delete all reference documents first (and I can’t find all of them). Is it possible?


It is not a good practice to delete a user, in particular to be able to audit all the actions he has carried out.
It is better to archive it as follows:

However, if you want to delete the objects you have two fields, per object, which allow you to do so, but it will be a bit difficult because you will have to respect the referential integrity constraints. These two fields, which are valued in base with the id of the user, are the following:
Creator User: created_by
Update User: updated_by


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I know how to filter documents by user. But I meant something else: perhaps there is a functionality somewhere that allows you to view ALL documents that are associated with this user? In order not to filter first sales quotations, then orders, then invoices, etc.

Hello, you can alway use the advenced Search to create your own filters and save them.


But i advise you to archive data instead of delete it, in some case relations in database don’t allow deleting.

Yes, I know how to use filters) But I meant that maybe there is the easier way to filter ALL subjects (quotations, orders, invoices, opportunities etc) in ONE window in Axelor. Is it possible?

Yes there is a way to do so, it’s by using the search-view, where you define the targeted object

Here is an example: