Finaince Reports

Can i sponser report development? From what i can see there is a very limited set of reports.
Mainely in Accounting Section:

Balance Sheet
Trial Balance
Account Receivable

axelor team am willing to sponser reports.

Hi @jgray,
i have asked the same thing. Based on Axellor Staff answer, the Financial Reports will be ready on the next version 6.1. You can see the discussion:

Yes this is important. All ERP system must have these type of reports from the start. I would not want to devlop my own becuase they need to be 100% accurate and but by the software vendo. This will be an issess from the selling point of ERP.

yes, agree with you

Accounting > Accounting Exports/Reports > Accounting reports > Add

(Version en Français)

Comptabilité > Exports/Rapports comptables > Rapports comptable > Nouveau

ledger, balance, journal, acquisition …