Financial Reports

Hi All,

hi all,
can anyone tell me, where can I get financial reports like a cash flow statement, balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and others. I did not find these reports in the accounting or reporting menu.



You can generate report from the menu Accounting-> Accounting Exports/Reports->Accounting Reports( Create new and you can choose which type of report you wants to export).

Hi Staff2,
Thanks for your guidance. I’ll try it soon.


On the demo instance when I try it, it says “A server error occured. Please contact the administrator.” Any idea why that is happening?


Please have a look inside the catalina.out log file to specify the stack trace.

Hi @sos-axelor,

In the « Accounting Report » menu that you say, there are no types of financial reports that I mean like Profit and Loss Statements, Balance Sheet, Statements of Cash Flow. As far as I know, those type of reports are mandatory for the Accounting module in an ERP system because it is the main report in the company’s Financial Report.

Yes, all reports are not included in this list. But it will be available in future version.

You can generate these reports from accounting.

Hi @sos-axelor,
any update about the Financial Reports menu (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flow)?

No, still not, please check changelog github for more information.

Hi @sos-axelor, for the moment is there any way to show gross profit of the month and year (sales - purchase)?

Hi @sos-axelor,
any update about the Financial Reports menu?

Hi @bangipool,
No there is no update regarding financial reports. Reports are easy to do as per requirements, you can check technical doc.


Currently, on the next version 6.1, we work on a new way to design a financial report using formule (addition, group, …). We adding in demo data two new reports (Profit & Loss and Balance sheet).


can’t see on latest demo, can you guide

not in 6.0.3 even

Do you have a version 6.1 release date?

Is it true why this functionality was not integrated from the start?

i feel we reached 6.0.6 and we are near to 6.1 let’s hope for best :slight_smile:

Hi @gdu-axelor ,
Currently, Axelor ERP demo is on version 6.1.8 but I still cannot find « Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, and Cash Flow Statement » in it.

Are there any updates on the development of these reports? If not, Could you share the knowledge on how to make « Financial Statements » that I mean?