Find dms permission vue

I’m wondering where can i find the view code that allow to share documents permissions. I’ve been searching for it in the entire project but without any results.

views handled by axelor open platform, not from axelor open suite, what are you looking ?

Thank you for your answer, I’m working on sending mail notification to the selected user(s) while sharing a document. for that i’m looking for the PopUP view code.

existing mail notification can help you with less or no effort, but you can customize it as per your choice. You want to show notification count and on click of that want to show notification in some tab, right ?

when i want to share a document’s permission, a popUp is showed asking to select the user that we wish sharing with and also the type of permission (ccanRead, canWrite…) on the ‹ OK › click i should send a mail to the recepient notifying that a document has been shared with him

it is not linked with the popup, it is calling the rest service of dmspermission, we can listen to entity