First steps

Hello guys i’m luigi and a new user of axelor, is there any way to see the queries done to the db when first running the project? I am trying to understand how it communicate with the db, the main idea is to take these queries and saved them to use when upgrading/migrating to a newer version of my custom axelor module.

you want to reset module installed?

the idea is to write in a file all the queries executed to the database during the building of an application like some kind of log file.

that’s different job, you can open logs

thanks siddique, where can i find the logs?

You need to enable logging for the the following categories:

org.hibernate.SQL - set to debug to log all SQL DML statements as they are executed
org.hibernate.type - set to trace to log all JDBC parameters

in src/main/resources/ file uncomment these = DEBUG = TRACE

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