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Hi everyone i am trying to use/understand the flyway module, i understood that if i put some migration script under « src/main/resources/db/migration » folder and run the command « ./gradlew database --migrate » it runs all the scripts, but if a script contains something like « alter table add column » the POJO class and the .xml domain remain unaltered. I’ve to modify them by myself or there is something i am missing?


Mario Rossi, Do you mean to say that your views are not being updated? or the database is not being updated?

The database is updated after i do the migration, but the model (i mean the java class) is not modified.

I guess you need update XML files view. I am not sure flyway manage that.
We use Flyway (not with Axelor) it doesn’t automatically update Java Entity classes

flyway deals with dB directly, even though XML files not depict the true picture of model but the Entity files are updated.

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Thanks siddique!!!