Getter and setter for field saleSupplySelect on SaleOrderLine

I am working with an object of SaleOrderLine class, in the model this object has a field called saleSupplySelect, but when I work in the controller, I don’t have a setter and getter for this field, how do I solve this problem? Where can I add it? When creating a production order from a sales order it does not allow me to do so because the saleOrderLine does not have saleSupplySelect.

Hello @deivisjoro ,

The following post may probably solve part of your problem. :


No, this is not the same problem.
What I need is for the saleOrderLine object to be able to manipulate data with the getter and the setter, but these methods are not in the entity

reviewing the models, the saleOrderLine model of the sales module does not have this field and all the fields described in this xml are generated in the entity, that is, the getter and setter are created correctly
reviewing the Supplychain module here we find an addition of a field to the saleOrderLine model, here we find the saleSupplySelect and others, I have realized that the fields added from other modules are added to the model, but getter and setter are not generated, because they say? because I tested adding fields in the xml of the saleOrderLine model and it worked, the getter and setter were generated in the entity when compiling, but if you add these fields from another module it does not work

If adding the saleSupplySelect field in the saleOrderLine xml file in the domain of the sales module works, here I find another problem if adding the billOfMaterial field in this module referring to the production module, don’t worry about it, it generates an error, the salesupplyselect yes it takes it because it is a select, but the billofmaterial generates an error